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Is There A Traffic Jam on YOUR Website????

Are you getting a traffic jam on your website????

There was a time when I wasn't....

I started in this industry 10 years ago .....

But, I used a replicated site......

Bought leads, paid mega $$$ for ads.....

I PROMOTED my company and UPLINE ....

(but not me)

Sound Familar????

I did build a $1.5 Million business

In a short time

(Spent a lot of money and ended up in MEGA debt...

Close to 6-figures!!!!)

And when

the planets aligned just right.....

it was GONE

I had no LIST, I had NO presence on the internet

(I did learn how to promote and market)

I had nothing!


Fast-Forward to 2007

I LEARNED how to drive traffic to ME....

my websites, my HUB Pages, my Utterz, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter.....

people follow me EVERY day!

and now I'm building MY list.....

MY internet presence.....


branding ME.

I coach and TEACH classes in MyPrvateClassroom

(I'm a FOUNDING member)

Work alongside my mentor Diane Hochman....

And Now I have a Traffic Jam on MY website!!!

Come Join Us on

Sunday June 29th at 9:00 Eastern

and Learn HOW To Drive Traffic Forever

And Create Your OWN Traffic Jam....

(on YOUR websites!!)


Register at

and hop on 10 minutes early that night-

the lines WILL be jammed :)


Call me. 262-510-0086

SPECIAL TO BE ANNOUCED on the webinar!

See ya Sunday!


Don't forget to HONK at ME! (wink)

Julie Salgado


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How I Fleece People On The Internet: Confessions of a Sociopath


I am Julie Salgado and you are not


Starlink Nation

Dear Sap,

Yes you!

"Sap" is someone who is close to being a moron.

Sap is someone without the spine to cut a good deal

A SAP is someone who buys CARS new and lets
them depreciate in value by $10,000 within 20 yards of
driving off the dealership car-lot.

But don't be too peaved. I AM a SAP as well.

At times anyway. Who isn't?

Takes one to know one

Why just last week

My 12 year old daughter, who thinks
Like a 28 year old and looks sixteen, who has her Daddy wrapped
right around her finger, made me buy her a new SIDE KICK
phone ----even after I made her swear that she wasn't allowed to
"work" me for at least a year because THREE months ago
she talked me into a new lap-top.


Poor me.

What a sap I can be



HERE is a Sam Walton technique YOU can use Julie Salgado.

It will stop you from being a SAP any longer on the internet

WAL-MART is my home away from home.

I am rich.

You're not. Lesson up Poindexter.

You'd be classified as "rich" to if you

** Earned $3,000 to $5,000 per day X's 365
** You knew what I knew
** You had a list of 72,000
** You only slept 6 Hrs a day and worked 18

Leanr this TECHNIQUE

Sam Walton created "Wal-Mart" and most
over achievers don't know this, but ole Uncle Sam
made money UPON Purchase.

I said, he made money UPON PURCHASE


Walton bought his merchandise for so LOW

That, just like TOYS-r-US

He made $$ upon purchase

It's called don't be the sap

It's called NEVER pay retail

It's called never JOIN a program on-line for the asking price

It's called

Well shit.

Here's an example

Sample Script

The next time some out-cast is about to sell
you her $4,000 program

use this script it will make you $$

WOULD YOU WAKE UP and LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The next time Sally so and so is trying to
make you her Mark and sell you some $4,000 program


maybe it's a $2,000 program


say this


"I am doing you a favor, you prolly have NOT sold
anything in a while and if you want my TRADE Sally
I will expect you to SHAVE off $1,000 and give me the
$4,000 program for $3,000."

I want to work with Julie Salgado

That's called CUTTING a deal

That's called NOT being a SAP

Julie Salgado + Joe Schroeder = MONEY

That's called big boy super-man Joe Schroeder style
New York City style bargaining

Call it TONY SOPRANO style Marketing

Rule #1: You are the OWNER, not the cat selling you

Rule #2: It is you dearest who is dealing the cards

Possession is 9/10th of the law


YOU have the money SALLY wants

Translation, pay UNDER the asking price

GURU big money Rule # 3: Never pay retail

Get this.

YOU are doing THEM a favor by even considering JOINING



YOU have the power

And you wanna know what Buckwheat?

I never



Pay FULL retail for my ad-space

Magazine ads

Display ads

Classified ads

I ain't some sorry ass chump

I am [the] illest of the crop and I play WAL-MART

You will and darn-it-all wake up!!!!

NEVER pay through the nose again

NEVER Get Punked Again

Never be someone's chump rag again


Go grab a tattoo gun

Tattoo this on your fat brain of genius wad of MIND


Write this on your forehead

YOU HOLD the cards

Especially freakeen (A) in a recession no less

Some sidewinder from the BRONX called Julie Salgado two
days ago

They called me

He says

"Hey Ms. Woman, I want your entire package."

The mark knows my entire program is $4,016

And he shuffles he words together and pipes

"Will you shave off a GRAND $500 and
gimme the entire enchilada ball-o-wax for $3,500."




What do you suppose I said ?

OF COURSE I did the $3,500

HE saved $500 clams


The next time some tired as internet phoney baloney
tries to hustle you "in" for full-retail

Tell'em "No way Jose I ain't no ones fool."


Make money UPON purchase

You have just experienced Julie Salgado


And so are you

You just gots to learn how the GAME is played

PS: Money is a game you play with yourself

It's all a head trip.

Between you

Yourself and I am


Thought you'd appreciate this lesson

I am THE SUN of God

I am THE List Horse


I AM, the Good news merchant and DAUGHTER

Of a capitalist!

All Love

I love Joe Schroeder

God is love

Right back at you


Call me later

(cell) 1-510-0086

My $97 program CASH FLOW MACHINE

It's $97 + $20 is $117

Call me with your WAL-MART routine

Lets do bidness

But only if you know how to earn UPON purchase

We will role play

Have your CC card in hand

And I'll let you win.


Strength and Honor

Ms. Woman

Julie Salgado
Attraction Studio and Media Arts
Office 1-262-510-0086

New PDF's:

Royal Society
The Vault

PS: I used to sociopath headline for one reason

87% of all subscribers actually OPEN my e-maikls

why? Because I know how to GET MAIL Open

Double Post-Script: If you can't get your mark
to OPEN the e-mail YOU DUNN GET PAID

Whether I am "sociopath" has not yet been decided.

But I can tell you one thing.


I am no ones fool

What You Don't Have Can Be Traced To 3 Things...

What You Don't Have Can Be Traced Back To Three (3) Things

1. You made a decision NOT to invest enough TIME.

2. Broken FOCUS by other people.

3. You didn't LOCATE where your most CELEBRATED

Contact me!

Julie Salgado


New PDF:

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SELL life and loverage and earn a LIFESTYLE Clinic Tonite


There is NO greated ad copy writter than me

You soon will be able to USE this sales letter

my GOAL is to my "gamnes" and programs
that RAPE people of HOPE fall and fall hard

My goal is to STRIKE wisdom, and logic
into 1,000,000 Networkers

THE ONLY reason you REFUSE to make SALES
here and make MONEY here is because you REFUSE
to show OFFERS like this to LOTS of people

JOE AD CLINIC = monday Night 9:27 PM (est)
1-641-594-7000 PIN 600088#

see PDF at

THIS letter will level THE industry

use it to make $10,000

a day
a month
you pick

if your list


READ this

printed / read

They'll lay down like sleepy little kittens


I've alredy seen what this TEN page "report" can do

If you SCAN this

You lose

if you take this and read EACH sentence

on your coach


a day
a month
90 days


Show to anyone making $10,000 a WEEK and ask

They will JOIN this


Julie Salgado

JOE AD CLINIC = monday Night 9:27 PM (est)
1-641-594-7000 PIN 600088#

What To Do Starting Right Now

Get Started changing your life now by:

A. Writing out your own 30-second infomercial about who you want to become.

B. Put your TOP 3 goals on the back of a business card and lay that card ON TOP of your folded money

C. DO NOT tell your friends about your goals! (spouse maybe - if they AGREE with your goals)

D. EACH evening BEFORE you fall asleep and each MORNING spend 15 minutes saying your 3 goals OUT LOUD

Residual Effect

If your goals are in-grained in 'who you are' then, during the day, you will start making decisions and re-act to things

that are CONSISTENT to your goals!

Becoming a Magnet

'Success begets success"

People SHOW UP in your life and are their to help guide you and take you to your dreams!

The Price Of Wealth

1). Gut wrenching 12 - 18 hour days

2). Extreme unwavering focus.

3). Something that helps OTHERS PEOPLE. Not just you.

4). Time. you MUST invest time into this.

5). A teacher or model to coach you along

6). A workable plan

7). A vehicle that can in fact ATTRACT wealth.


For updates on my FREE classes, trainings and webinars....

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Why Most Self-Help Books Don't Work


Many People Spend Hundreds Of Dollars and Years Studing Success and Wind Up Only Inches Ahead of Where They Started From In The First Place.

"Repetition Is The Mother Of Skill'

1. Understand How The Mind Works.

2. Repetition of What You Want.

"Your Speak Your World Into Existence"

When You speak to yourself about your goals and write them out....

they should be in the present tense.

"Self Sabotage"

We all have a barometer in our MINDS that will tell us if....

what we are achieving is COMFORTABLE (for us) or not.


Pick up Chapter 4 of Supermind at:

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This Facebook & Social Media DIVA Is Inviting You To:


Come learn all about Facebook with Julie Salgado. This class is the 3rd in my Facebook series. We will be covering Facebook groups. This class is for new people and those who want a refresher'

See you in the class!

Register Here:

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My Website

It's Hard To Promote Prosperity....



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When You Lead With Money!

When You Study The Truly Mega-Successful and You Uncover
Their Work-A-Holic and "Manic" Ability To Create The Worlds
They Live In, You Find Out It's NOT ABOUT MONEY.


My Website

Seven (7) Little Things You Haven't Yet Learned.


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To Execute That Actually Separate You From Earning $2000 - $5000 PER WEEK

If YOU Didn't Earn $20,000 Last
Month Here's Seven (7) Reasons Why Not

Reason #1 - Because 10,000 - 25,000 people PER DAY don't see your ads!

Reason #2 - Because your initial front-end price is too expensive.

Reason #3 - Because you are not leveraged to earn $1000 PER SALE.

Reason #4 - Because you don't know how (or where) to create or place ads.

Reason #5 - Because your ads don't induce cognitive dissonance.

Reason #6 - Because you don't have a 'LIST' (auto-responder) of 2,000 yet.

Reason #7 - Because you SOLD your MLM before you earned $$ off the prospect.

Julie Salgado

Cash Flow Recruiting PDF

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Facebook Mistakes Morons Make...

(did you leave your 'X' Factor by the LAKE!)

Are you one of those....

Who are 'looking for like-minded people'....

Or have a ground floor opportunity.....

You can Make $50,000 a month!!!

And all that silly stuff you see here on Facebook?????

(and all over the Internet)????

Ya, I made those mistakes too!


Until I realized......

It's ABOUT People....

(at least I think I'm a people ;))

And since I am a person....

And You are a person....

We know, or at least I thought, we knew

How to treat people!

It is ALL about building relationships

Getting people to know, like and trust you.....

Remember when you were the prospect????

It's the same.....

Get off the beach....

And get your 'X' factor on!

Learn The Communication Skills

(like I did )

that will take your business over the waves....

and you won't look like a MORON no more!

hosted by me, Julie Salgado and

our teacher/coach .... Diane Hochman

(and a couple cohorts too!)

Register at:

(we don't want any MORON'S on the call! (wink)

See you Thursday!

Julie Salgado


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