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What Season Are YOU In? Season's Of Life With Jim Rohn

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The Seasons Of Life is one of Jim Rohn's classics.
Learn how to use Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter to bring harvest into your business.

Summer Of Success Super Simple Marketing Series Begins........

As today is the 'unofficial' start of the summer season...

I know it's easy to get distracted during the summer months....

kids home from school...

family vacations...

90 degree weather (love it!)

swimming, parties, etc, etc, etc..

To help you Whip your business in Shape...

while everyone else is slacking..

We will be hosting the Summer Of Success Super Simple Marketing Series

all summer long!

We will have calls and webinars every Tuesday!

and no worries....

this is totally free!


So today, Tuesday June 1st

Is our Official Kick Off Call...

"Why Working Your Tushie Off This Summer Is Critical To Your Business"

Information available at Summer Of Success Super Marketing Series

The trainings will be recorded and I'll be sending you the mp3 to download

Don't forget to grab a notebook and pen...
Mine is yellow like summer SUNshine (wink)

and be prepared to have YOUR business

rocking this fall!

Make 2010 YOUR Summer Of Success!

Want A Picture (Favicon) By YOUR URL?


Have you ever wondered how to get a picture/logo to show up by your URL on the browser??

Well, it's rather simple....

In this video Julie Salgado show you, even if your not familiar with HTML code, how to do it!

The Site I used to create my Favicon...