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Do You DIP youR Tootsies? + SWIMmimg LESSon = IMMERSION Class


Ya, that's me in the picture...

I WAS one of THOSE

I would DIP my tooties just enough...

just enough to feel the water.

to see how warm

(or cold)

it was.

Then I would slowly immerse myself


the water reached my neck....

and to think....

I TOOK all the swimming classes

WAS asked to join a RACE team

was GOOD.. no I was a GREAT swimmer

all before I was even 7 years old!


I still had to dip my toe first!

Everyone would say...

'Julie... JUST jump IN!

I would still just dip my toe.....

Sound familiar.


that's how most approach THEIR business.

They dip their toe...

instead of JUMPING in!

Well, I took my coach's words to heart

and when I started in this industry back

in AUGUST 1999..


that's WHY I was so successful

WHY I buildt a $1M business out the get-go.

I IMMERSED myself!

Now there is an opportunity

to JUMP in your business...

to start 2010 off

To just take the PLUNGE and IMMERSE yourself.

Diane Hochman is having a special call tonite...

at 9:00 pm EST

To talk to folks about HER Home Business Immersion Group.

I'm part of an ELITE group
WHO was part of Diane's FIRST Home Business Immersion class
the last 90 days of 2009.... and now part of the ELITE training team ... sMiles

and I CAN attest to the fact....
that after IMMERSING myself in my business....

Now, Diane ONLY does this a few times a year and it is the MOST INTENSE
6 weeks that anyone can ever do to get their home business MOVING.

This is like an MLM INFUSION

This is like a direct sales TRANSPLANT

This is like a Home Biz MIND MELT

All rolled into SIX WEEKS where you have no choice but to perform...

No choice but to change..

No choice but to DO...

Cause there is NO HIDING when the group is together EVERY DAY.

This is NOT some deal where you hide out on the wrong side of a webinar getting confused
in your dark spare room.

This is LIVE...REAL and RAW

An opportunity to take the PLUNGE

INSTEAD of just dipping your toe!

So come by at 9 pm est


PIN # 9774024


LISTEN online.....

Check it out...

Even if you don't think...
(there's that TOE dipping again!)

that this is for you...

or you can't afford it...

Cause you just NEVER lknow

what you may learn....

that one GOLD nugget

that will 'DIVE Bomb' your business!


9 pm est


PIN # 9774024


LISTEN online.....

She only has a FEW seats left

and if you DECIDE to take the PLUNGE

Great! I'll see ya IN the classes....

Oh.... and tell Diane

Your a FORMER toe DIPper like Julie! (wink)

See ya there!


Just BE someBODY For someONE

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I am Julie Salgado and my phone is 262-347-4178

I loved you BEFORE you ever learned even my name

The Million Mind March is love

BE an evangelist: meaning, love OTHERS before and in spite of
if they ever love you ...

LOVE people and USE money / not vice versa

If confused about that and what "loverage" is, study
Bono, study Mother Theresa, study JOHNNY Cash and learn
to see that those who influence THROUGH authentic SELF
teach OTHERS to love themselves more

Why? Because most selves are embarrassed by themselves

That's what great (see Ali) people have done

Any two bit tramp can make BIG money

But it takes a DIFFERENT kind of person who can CHANGE
the direction of 1,000 OTHER people

Start here:

JUST be someone for somebody

GIVE people an example of what a FREE MIND looks like

They've seen the rich

They've already seen the mansions

But what they rarely see is the WHO they can be
if they ever only DARED to be GREAT

My mess, become my ministry.


Madonna turned her MESS into your message too!

JUST as you will.

So did Moses.

So did John Lennon

Be an evangelist.

Do it well, and the UNIVERSE will
use you to evolve better

How else can you explain that the
Million Mind Beauty March was FOUNDED
by a truck trucker?

How can THAT be explained?


Other than that if you become something
that can help mankind evolve better, the Universe
will get BEHIND you like a force of nature

Where smart is the next sexy.

Where time stands still and we all become children again

Where people STAND still and stare at us.


Because those who are different, sound different and
lead from a position of HONOR before money stand out
and draw a crowd.

Ask any Beatle if that "code" is true

WAL-MART forsake themselves money back in the 1950's

They didn't try to hustle a buck and made a Billion
by being BACKWARDS

People FIRST

Money last


WAL-MART said, "We'll make a buck later on. But
not until you love us at WAL-MART and not until you
come back and back and back."

WAL-MART surrendered to LOVERAGE

WAL-MART set out to serve and sow and love.


Not until you our bread and butter comes back and back and back

Wal-MART loved America FIRST

Wal-MART FOUGHT for you and me

Wal-MART is about LOVE

Now you know why The Million Mind March always
lead with FREE or as close to free as possible

It's a Wal-Mart Thing

It's about being an evangelist

Stuff they don't teach at Truck Driver school

More Truck Driver Wisdom here

Only for people with $12 who love audio's CD
from truckers who turned their MESS into a MINISTRY -----------COMMUNITY

Order $12 package ---> here .  . Home nest delivered.

Two CD + loverage booklet

Put ME - Julie Salgado in comments box....
then let me KNOW
YOU get Another Booklet.... YOUR choice!

Questions: call me


It's too common e-mail people.

I a keeping it real

If you are too call me now

I am Julie Salgado and my cell is 262-347-4178

I'd love to meet you.

This is my sales letter.

I pray it got you to STAND taller.

You count.

We all do and it helps if we
count each other as a collective

rather that competing against each other

the new economy is US

the new economy is together we stand as one

lets not ask anyone outside of "us" to support "us."

All we need is each other.

No vacancies.

No one is out of money

No one is left behind


Be someone for somebody.

That's where it starts.

No copyrights 2009 / Bird / Copy-use-share

The Worlds Most Important Phone #

24 Hrs -----Rec. Message of Freedom

1-800-772-9781 EXT 10