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Diane's 10th Anniversary Bash - Replay!


What a celebration! If you missed Diane Hochman's 10th Anniversary celebration, replay here --->

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Oh Where, Oh Where Did My Opt-In Box Go???

If your NOT hosting your own wordpress blog...

Opt-in boxes no longer work!!

yes, that is true...

If you are using WordPress for your blogs.

I discovered that TEXT/HTML widget is no longer supported!

In other words,

Your field labels (i.e. 'Name", Email Address", 'Phone")

only show up.... but NOT the input boxes!

There are Three (3) options for you....

1. You can turn your WordPress blog into an INSTANT Capture Page

2. Use the "Contact Form" code at the end of EVERY post!


3. Receive notifications of my PUBLIC classes! I will teach YOU how to create and easily HOST your own WordPress Blog!

Just send me an email at: for all the information!

(don't forget to confirm tho....)

Just looking out for ya!


Julie Salgado


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