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What To Do Starting Right Now

Get Started changing your life now by:

A. Writing out your own 30-second infomercial about who you want to become.

B. Put your TOP 3 goals on the back of a business card and lay that card ON TOP of your folded money

C. DO NOT tell your friends about your goals! (spouse maybe - if they AGREE with your goals)

D. EACH evening BEFORE you fall asleep and each MORNING spend 15 minutes saying your 3 goals OUT LOUD

Residual Effect

If your goals are in-grained in 'who you are' then, during the day, you will start making decisions and re-act to things

that are CONSISTENT to your goals!

Becoming a Magnet

'Success begets success"

People SHOW UP in your life and are their to help guide you and take you to your dreams!

The Price Of Wealth

1). Gut wrenching 12 - 18 hour days

2). Extreme unwavering focus.

3). Something that helps OTHERS PEOPLE. Not just you.

4). Time. you MUST invest time into this.

5). A teacher or model to coach you along

6). A workable plan

7). A vehicle that can in fact ATTRACT wealth.


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