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Is this another Mechanism for SPAM...

To distract you from being FOCUSED???

There is a new Facebook application that hit the scene over the weekend....


Your probably getting many messages about it....

I have too!

And yes, I decided to give it a try....

(after 'looking' at it over the weekend)


I'm not using it as a way to get people to join....

(wow - you get a quarter for each referral - 10 levels down but it can add up!)


I'm using this application to see if it WILL help me build my business.

because ..

If it does, then it is a great tool!

and if not...

I can easily cancel my PayPal subscription!

So far I see....

You can only use this application in Facebook....

There are no widgets to connect your other sites, blogs or ning networks..

It is easy to use.... someone can send you a text message and

you can either reply back via text or chat thru the application..

But the thing is...

and the jury is still out...

Will this application REALLY grow my business.

or is it another mechanism to SPAM people????

I'm not sure yet...

But I have invited my Facebook friends

to use this tool with me....

Together we can determine

Whether it is USEFUL or


We will see...

Stay tuned for the verdict..

hugs from the Universe

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