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What You IGNORE... Will Certainly Ignore YOU

'What You IGNORE and won't change WILL certainly ingnore YOU!"

When I stopped IGNORING TIME....

my LIFE changed.

When I changed my relationship to time...

my income doubled within 90 days.

All I DID was begin to USE the TIME of OTHER people.

And now you will too.

I stopped ignoring the power of time, and all of a sudden, when my relationship to time changd, so did my income. Be careful.... What you IGNORE expands!

If you IGNORE your bills.....

they expand and become too big to pay!

If you IGNORE your diet...

you expand and clothes begin to fit poorly.

If you IGNORE your FOCUS...

your defeats expand and become often.

If you IGNORE money...

you end up owing baks expand and grows.

If you IGNORE personal growth...

your lack of of NEW GROWTH will expand.

If you IGNORE your value...

so will other people and the pay will be small.

If you IGNORE your true DESIRE...

you'll spend a lifetime working in agony.

If you IGNORE demonstrating prosperity...

your union with poverty expands.

Johnny said to me "You know Julie... you are one deep lady!"

I said "Hardly, I simply believe in what was written ages ago by the richest man of his day, a Billionaire named King Solomom, who wrote the book of Proverbs.

Not an ounce of my da starts without first listening to His great design that He pours onto my legal pad".

hugs from the Universe

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