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What Is Diane Hochman Gona Share With Julie Salgado Tonite??


Diane just got back ...

from a POWERFUL seminar

run by a bunch of 20 something marketing geniuses..

She hung with Eben Pagan, Frank Kern, all the big boys in MLM Information marketing

And a ton of other cool people.

AND Tonite...

She is gona tell me WHAT she spent

$10,000 on....

AND she is giving it to ME free!!

Tonight at 9:27 pm Diane is gonna give YOU my revelations. heard right...

She told me that she....

paid $10,000 to learn this stuff

and giving it to us FREE.

All you have to do is SHOW UP.

9:27 pm est

641 594-7000

Pass Code 600088#

And here is what I want you to do in return for

Diane teaching you this stuff

and ME (Julie Salgado) letting you in on it (wink)

I want you to go to

And I want you to order my $15 set.


See you at 9:27 pm est

641 594-7000
Pass code 600088#

Don't forget to say Hi :)

Julie Salgado


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