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Business "Opportunity" is so late 1999....

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Business "Opportunity" is so late 1999

Even the feel of "making more money" and the

constant pitching we did (point to self Joe Schroeder)

to each other, well, kind-uv-felt yukky.

We all want more money.

We all want more time freedom.

We all want a 10 foot commute. To our spare bedroom.

We all want a "voice" and to possibly make that a business.

And thus, the allure of a "home" business starts with a boil

and continues as a constant cycle of opportunity based

mumbo-jumbo and it's just so way 1999.

Then the bell strikes midnight, it's 2004

and web 2.0 is the new bang for your bank.

What the heck is web 2.0 anyway?


Web 1.0 was about the website and the owners.

Web 2.0 is about us, the mob, who decide WHAT the site does.

(see Face-Book) or You-Tube.

If that is, you can stop up-loading video's for a sec and

realize the beauty and community value of USER driven


Where The Mob Becomes Bank

Today the hip valuation isn't opportunity.

Today, to be hip, you have to become a servant to the tribe.

Call it web 2.0 over drive.

Where community becomes more relevant that the content.

Call it web 2.0 on steroids.

Where YOU become the product.

1999 Opportunity Vs. 2004 Mob Driven Value

Where "Opportunity" was from the top down simply

one big self serving self-centered attack on each others space,

better use today of web 2.0 has heightened to where

who serves each other better is the new normal.

Think My-Space.

Mob management is an entirely different biz model.

The Hip-Hop culture has perfected it.

Madonna became an icon managing hers.

People who MLM still don't get it.

You-Tube and Face-Book basically own the rights to it

And it starts with PERMISSION.

And it's based on a body of people who actively anticipate

relevant, user based, communal driven content.

It's about, "do I have your permission to give you

exactly what you want and do I have your permission to

show you 5,000 people who think just like you do?"

Which makes the equity not the PRODUCTS that companies sell,

But the mob.

The equity is the community. Not the products.

The product then transcends in ownership

from the corporate paws of the board, to the bandwidth

between the users and people of the community.

Which time will prove, that "the people" want to connect

with OTHER people, not to companies. And to those who

understand and can foresee this trend, more bank

will be delivered because the internet is now all about us.

The people. It's all about us. The people.

Not them. Not the company.

Feed the tribe well and you will eat well later on.

I like what someone once said, "The first shall

be last and the last shall be first." Seems to me whoever

said that had a premonition on how better web 2.0 would work.

The new "what is it" or the new PRODUCT

is simply, just how far will you go to entertain, maintain

and deliver to your fan base?

Not "fans" of you.

But zealots and fans of a common message.

People have formed "clubs" for as far back as time

has been recorded. Even Ben Franklin had a social

Networking club that he called, the "Junto."

Okay. So it was only about eighteen guys who

each sat around with ole Ben and schmoozed over

business ideas.

But what if THEY had computers back in 1785!

Oh the olden days.

The idea is simple. Web 2.0 is here to stay

and to just how well you deliver back to the mob

will determine if they will ever allow you back.

In the olden days we used to develop products FOR

the companies to sell and you would gather people

and more customers for THE COMPANY to sell to.

Think 1999.

Today it's different. Now we work for the mob

and now we bring WHATEVER products they want.

Today the tribe is the owner.

Not the company.

Today its build more value for the community and heck,

if a company can't deliver, roll over Sam because we'll build it our self!

Real-estate brokers work FOR YOU.

Publishers and landscapers work FOR YOU.

Now the new normal on-line is YOU----and YOU work for the club.

It's used to be, "to thine own self be true."

Today it's be relevant and give the tribe more truth

if that is, you want the tribe to keep eating out of your hand.

People are desperate to be lead.


Feed them entertainment and package it as business.

Feed them EACH other while you take a back-stage rest.

Feed them content, education and more style and fun.

Do that and you'll have more business than you can handle.

In 1999 we sold the opportunity.

Today you don't sell.

Today, you share.

Mob management is a whole new way of looking at the world.

The equity is in the people and the community.

The products are just an excuse to huddle up and

have another cup of coffee together and chat over

what the mob has most in common.

Each other and a like mind.

The mistake is to make THE PRODUCT more compelling than the people.


I'll say it again.

The new normal is them.

The people.

That's where the equity is today.

It's a throw back to 1969 or save, for a page from Jerry Garcia's notebook.

The music is hot, but the real product is like minded people

gathering together and sharing a common vibe.

Dead heads saw it coming.

What you have is a new world order that is a world apart

from the intrusiveness of selling and hawking

another "biz opp" to a world where the product

(is) each other and a shared value system.

AVON and MARY-KAY products must be great.


Each is a Billion dollar program.

Great Scott!

But I bet their parties are better than the products themselves.

And in the end, isn't that really the most important thing?

Each other.

In case you haven't noticed, YOU just became more

important than anything else you could possibly ever market or sell.

Brand you.

"DO YOU" as Russell Simons say. DO YOU.

Then "do" the community and then serve the "mob."

That's where the new equity is.


Joe Schroeder

Author of Mechanics of Wealth, Speaking into Storms, the Alpha Code and seventeen other humm-dinger books.

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