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Time for New BEginnINgs + LASt of the Year

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It's the end of a year

This is a time for reflection
and celebration.

As you look back on this past YEAR
and DEcade...

everything that YOU have experienced in your life,

Remember each for the good that has come of it
all the knowledge you gained.
(even thru all Your SCREW-ups!)

Remember the efforts you have made

the goals you have reached.
(and those out of reach)

Remember the love you have shared

The happiness you brought.

laughter, joy, hard work, and tears.

And as you reflect on the past year,
and the past DEcade

BE THINKing of the new

This is a time of new BEginnINgs!

As we close out this DECADE

and set UP a New....

Tonight at 9:27 pm EST

Diane will BE DOing her

annual year end DeCade call!

come hear what SHe

disCOVERED at the END

of the 90's deCade

That set her UP for the one

we now end.

This call is for ANYONE who has a dream but who has strUGGled.

All are welcome...


9:27 pm est

641 594-7000
Pass code 600088#

See ya their!

I've got the HAts!

IncITe A MOVEment


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