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Internet Slaughter House Floor

I May Not Win Any Awards For What I Am About to

Divulge Here and I May Even Lose a Few (so called)

Friends, But I’ll Sure Sleep Better and Maybe Even

Save a Few 100,000 People From Absolute Internet Doom

Lets start right off the bat by keeping it real. There are two things that I am going to leave out in this invite letter that very possibly could shoot me in the leg. Then again, you have to ask yourself if I care (which I don’t) because anyone who knows me knows that I

could give a flying rip about what other people think about me.

If I did I would have never made Millions selling Network Marketing in the first place.

First off, there aren’t any testimonials here. That’s because I refuse to play you like a flute and grab a bunch of my addicted Zealots and ask them to sing to the holy rafters about what a God send my fourteen dollar “SAVE ME” package is.

It All Begins To Look Like a Used-Car Lot After a While, “Fun!”

All that back scratching makes me vomit and it never adds up to a hill of beans anyway. Second of all, how many times have you ordered a riff-raff program on-line from some puffed up blow hard parading as the second coming only to open the doggone package to learn that it was all the SAME bunch of hot-air, poppy-cock and re-hashed crap you bought from Guru # 12 down the road just a few months ago, anyway!

It’s The Blind Following The Criminals Who Were Released Last Month

Not only that---but why can’t people make a simply little $14 “no risk” purchase anymore without the blatant psychology of testimonials being used on them to trigger their buying decision?

The other thing you won’t find in this invitation RSVP is a screen shot of how much money I made last night showing you just how filthy stinking loaded I am.

Since When Did This Industry Become a Whore House?

Like who cares how much denaro I make and even if I did earn $42,891 last month how does that help you? Fact. It doesn’t.

Look, when you went for a job interview (God it must suck living under someone else’s reality) did the boss interviewing you try to “close” you by showing you his checks from last month and just how silly is that! And furthermore, when is the last time you got someone to get you second mortgage for your home and asked, “How much money did you earn last year?” See what I mean?

Here is What Kindergarten Psychology Looks Like

The last thing you need (only because you have fallen for it over and over before!) is another sales letter about “Oh poor me I used to be a poor little looky-loos nimrod and now look Ma! Your boy is an internet Millionaire---go look at my (yawn) fancy tricked

out car!”




Why is it in our industry that in order to stake a claim or offer people something that they desperately need and would “kill for” you need to walk around with your W2 and shout from the rafters, “My house is bigger than yours!”



When will this industry ever grow up?

If You Knew The Truth About How The Rich Get Richer in This Work-From-Home Game of Russian Roulette You’d Either Quit, Shoot Yourself or Decide to Entirely Re-Think Your Biz Model

But forgive me.

Oh my.

Did I just say “business model?”

How absolutely and utterly dumb of me.

That’s because virtually no one who has a work-from-home business uses a BUSINESS model. All they do is run around with some retarded and pathetic application begging, “Oh please join me Mr. Man, oh please, join my MLM---mine is better than yours!”

The Death Sentence and “It’s Curtains” for Julie Salgado

And what I am about to leak about how the GIANTS in our industry (including of course myself) earn $25,000 to $100,000 per month, will make many people wince and others say, “Julie Salgado is writing her own death sentence!”

5 Million and Counting. The Line Already Started:

800,000 to 5 Million people will see this suicide letter in the next 30 days.

But at least before I die I can set the record straight here and maybe save a few hundred thousand desperate opportunity seekers with FAMILIES who are relying on them to earn a living on-line all in one fell swoop.

Need Me??

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