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The SECRET Of A Michael Phelps...

If Thoughts Are Things....Why Aren't You A Millionaire Yet???

The Science of success dictates that great influence can only be mastered through

a prominent mixture of both

CODE of thought (thoughts are things)

and the (demonstration)

correlating conduct that invites what you wish for

through progressive prosperity PRINCIPALS that impregnate your actions with the UNIVERSAL LAW that the conduct or action invited in to

YOUR blessing of INCREASE

Therefore, without ACTIONS that DEMONSTRATE your DESIRE, You can think yourself into a stew for time into ages, and whatever You want will escape you!

Did you notice….. before it rains, the ACTION of clouds and thunder FORECASTS

The arrival of the water????

Did you notice…. that NO oak tree ever grew without FIRST the demonstration of

The supply by the FALLING of the acorn????

What you PLANT into action WILL predict the HARVEST of your intent/goal

Did you ever notice how while thoughts CAN be things….. they remain a fantasy

And only a ‘goal’ until a GIANT (Michael Phelps) presses whatever he wants INTO his actions through an expectation of what he wants???

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