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Law: What YOU do TO others GOD does TO you

Law: In order to get more GET value you GIVE more GIVE value

Servanthood marketing. Golden Rule.


================== By Joe Schroeder

1:What you LOVE is a request from SELF to indulge GOD


3:WORKING what you adore is GODS blessing

4:To LOVE something HARD enough BRINGS that love into the physical

5: "The object of ones love" is about LOVE finding itself (God)
through people

6: All SUCCESSFUL people found prosperity NEXT to what they
loved = Bill Gates & Jay Leno

7: To DENY love is to hate your job = no money

8: Life will meet you at your NEED--------NOT your want.

9: LOVE something hard enough and you won't STOP until

10: What you want also wants you. Proof?
You CANT STOP this business BECAUSE you love it

11: The DIVINITY of DESIRE = Divine assignment + Destiny = GOD

12: Men LOVE a certain women and they REFUSE to stop the HUNT = MARRIAGE

Men think about a WOMEN NIGHT and DAY = their DESIRE becomes
WILL POWER = marriage

what you INSIST UPON ends up sitting ON you

God doesn't deal in wants. God only recognizes a BURNING NEED

Your FORTUNE sits NEST to what you LOVE

where you are MOST CELEBRATED in life, is GODS clue TO YOU

** Notice the LOCATION where YOU are most celebrated.

THAT is a CLUE to where love is for you

** NOTICE how obsessive you ARE over something.

That's your LOVE seeking expression

** Notice how a location seems very familiar = what you love found U

** NOTICE your own nature to work IN what you love and YOU won't stop


The law of attraction is the law of LOVE

To use the law of attraction you BECOME an attraction

To BECOME an attraction you BECOME LOVE and share YOUR
Love (servant hood) freely

All you do is, SPLINTER off sections of your love and PLANT
it freely INTO your supply

People are your supply.


People have YOUR money

Now plant LOVERAGE into them

Free love
Free eBook
Free training = PLANT your LOVE into YOUR money = supply = Formula
Free time
Free CD
Free website
Free PDF

Why RELEASE your love?

Because when YOU release what is in YOUR hand
GOD releases (love) what is in HIS

The DIVINITY of DESIRE is the love of GOD seeking expression IN you

DESIRE = God seeking expression THROUGH you

YOU are a simply a TOOL He uses to BECOME more of HIMSELF

Quick Story

Their are three angels.

The angel of MONEY, Knowledge and the ANGEL of DESIRE

Angel #1: Money
Angel #2: Knowledge
Angel #3: Desire

If YOU focus on money, the angel of KNOWLEDGE steps aside and you
never learn what or how to accumulate money.

That plus, if you FOCUS on the ANGEL of money the angel of KNOW-HOW
gets ignored and you never learn how to GROW money.

That stinks.

Moreover, if you only FOCUS on the ANGEL of knowledge versus the
angel of money, WEALTH will escape you (see broke teachers
who work in schools) BECAUSE your lack of INCOME focus
will attract lack and debt.

See how that all works? REALLY study that.

BUT, here's the kicker, if you ENTIRELY FOCUS on the ANGEL if DESIRE

If you make your life in LEAGUE with the ANGEL of DESIRE

If you become YOUR-SELF an angel of DESIRE

The other TWO angels, the Angels of MONEY and KNOW-HOW

Those two will say, " Hey, NO FAIR!!" and get JEALOUS and those two
angels will work HARDER and seek your attention

Punch-Line: When you focus on the ANGEL of DESIRE
that includes all THREE and makes ALL three work overtime!!!


When you FOCUS entirely on the LOVE angel, the ANGEL of God known
as DESIRE, the OTHER two angels will become jealous and work
RIGHT along with YOU --- even HASRDER

Oh Joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some examples:

TYRA BANKS Loves and so SHE is loved

CHRIS COLUMBUS LOVED the earth and saw a ROUND earth

TONY ROBBINS and Joe Schroeder were BORN to be LOVE teachers

BILL GATES loved "code" and computers


BILL CLINTON loves politics

FOLLOW YOUR LOVE, at all costs.

How To Serve What You Love

always ask, "DID I DO ENOUGH TODAY?"


always seek the PROPER EXPRESSION of your love

Cause and Effect.

Money is an EFFECT to love expressed

Those with NO love make NO money = they DONT
loverage 10,000 people = just a job, boo-hoo, "oh poor me."


CAUSE can not be seen. Why?

Becuse CAUSE (thought) is an intangible.

When you BECOME, promote, giveaway and promote
LOVE, other LOVERS (effect) will surround you

That is THY WAY of LIFE


When WHO are as a poor person becomes an UN-TRUTH you
will be FORCED (by your self-image) to become prosperous.

When you finally discover that YOU are GOLDEN and your
life as a poor person becomes an UN-TRUTH for you, YOU
will be FORCED, under all circumstances, to PROVE the TRUTH

When your poverty becomes an ANGST to you

When your self image becomes LARGER than your poverty

When your little life becomes an UN-TRUTH

When you FINALLY see the WEALTHY person in you

When your DEBT and no money becomes an UN-TRUTH to you

and you begin to say, "this is REALLY not me."

And you begin to see your lack of wealth as a TOTAL LIE

THEN and ONLY then will you DO, become and ACT like a
wealthy person and your NEW SELF LOVE will be FORCED
to REFLECT back, in the physical------ your PROSPERITY MIND

Poverty is TRUTH for most people

They PRETEND they want wealth but their TRUTH is revealed
in their words. They ASK for wealth but SPEAK like a poor man

THEY have said

"I wasn't brought UP to be wealthy."

THOSE KIND have preached

"I wasn't BORN to be rich."

"My sponsor ignores me and my company sucks."

"My mother was mean to me as a child, I was raped, I am poor."

However, when UN-TRUTH is revealed and UN-TRUTH
of ones life becomes apparent, the TRUTH is then required
to REVEAL itself in prosperity.

MARTIN KING found an UN-TRUTH in Black oppression.

TRUTH them became his MOTIVATION

COLUMBUS FOUND an UN-TRUTH in "the world is flat."

TRUTH then, became Chris's main FOCUS and guiding FOCUS

Joe Schroeder found an UN-TRUTH in his own poverty

TYRA Banks was called "fat" and worked against that UN-TRUTH

Michael Jordan was told, "you stink at basketball" at age 14

That UN-TRUTH became Jordans MOTIVATION to reveal THE truth.

When WHO YOU are inside is contrasted by a life of UN-TRUTH

When how you LIVE (in debt and poverty) becomes a LIE
and you see that as an UN-TRUTH, one will DO ANYTHING to
overturn that UN-TRUTH and do ANYTHING for HOWEVER LONG
to being the TRUTH (love) into the reality that is over
shadowed by the LIE of UN-TRUTH

Most people live a life of love DENIED

Most people live lives of love UN-EXPRESSED

It HURTS when you can't LOVE your kids to your
fullest expression and they CANT go to college

Telling your kids "no vaction" this year is PAINFUL
because it's loved UN-EXPRESSED back to your kids.

LOVE un-expressed is a DENIAL of the LIFE and GOD FORCE

And seen in the ANGRY faces of people who invest eight
hours daily in a work location that they loathe.

FIND, nurture and WORK your love = happiness.

The ULTIMATE joy of life is HAPPINESS

Not pleasure.

Pleasure is a reactive impulse to a quick fix.


ENJOYING sex is not always JOY, but it does feel like pleasure

MAKING $50,000 per DAY is pleasure, but certainly NOT joy

JOY is an awakening of the SOUL expressed INTO love

To live joyfully is to love (in) and through love.

Once you decide to LOVE SELF you have NO escape
and your entire life then is FORCED to express MORE
of what you love

AFTER you RELEASE the past

AFTER you RELEASE the anger towards mom and dad

AFTER you RELEASE the hate towards who VIOLATED YOU

After that, you decide to return to LOVE. Of YOU .

And the you becomes THE REWARD for OTHERS (still) in pain


Strength and Honor,

Julie Salgado
262 510-0086


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